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Carnival Gives Back, Helping To Restore Coral in the Caribbean

Carnival Foundation’s $2.5 million donation is helping The Nature Conservancy make major strides in the preservation of the world’s oceans and seas. Carnival Corporation, the world’s largest cruise company, supports building, transplanting and enhancing the ocean’s coral, among other conservation efforts.  The $2.5 million donation helped The Nature Conservancy with the following: Transplanting 20,000 corals […]

7 Ways to Deal with Post Cruise Depression (aka Cruise Fever)

Post cruise depression (PCD), or otherwise known as Cruise Fever, hits all of us after each cruise.  For some, it starts at disembarkation while going through customs.  For others it starts the moment they get home or the first day back at work.  Whenever it starts for you, here are seven ways to deal with Post […]

Costa Cruise Ships to Hold Record Number of Passengers

Costa Cruises, a division of Carnival Corporation, announced that they will be building two cruise ships that will have the largest passenger capacity in the world.  The ships will have more than 2,600 cabins and will carry a maximum of 6,600 passengers. The two new ships for Costa Cruises will be built by shipbuilder Meyer Werft at […]

4 Ways to Check for Cruise Price Drops

What happens if the price of your cruise drops after you booked it and put down a deposit?  You can usually get the lower price as long as final payment hasn’t passed. Note: Some special “one day sales” that various cruise lines will offer are for new bookings only. With some fare codes, you can […]

Carnival Brings Back Live Caribbean Music to the Lido Deck

Steel drums are back! Carnival Cruise Line is bringing back live Caribbean music to the lido deck on most of their cruise ships says Senior Cruise Director John Heald. This will be welcome news to many cruisers who enjoy listening to live Caribbean music while cruising to the Caribbean.  The change comes after Heald posted […]

5,000+ Passenger Cruise Ships Are the Future of Cruising

Do you enjoy cruising on the mega cruise ships that cruise lines have been building the past few years?  Then you will love to hear about a report by Cruise Industry News stating that 5,000+ passenger cruise ships are the future of the cruise industry. There are currently only a handful of 5,000+ passenger cruise ships operated by […]

Freedom of the Seas Catches Fire in Jamaica, No Passengers Injured

Photo Credit https://instagram.com/beautymayhem15/

Earlier this morning, a fire broke out on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas when the ship was pulling into a scheduled stop in Falmouth, Jamaica. The ship experienced a fire in a mechanical space and black smoke was seen coming from ship. Royal Caribbean said that the fire was contained and extinguished, and all […]

Cruise Line Will Match Loyalty Status from other Cruise Lines

Do you pass up on cruising different cruise lines so you won’t lose your loyalty status that you have earned on your favorite line? MSC Cruises has launched a new loyalty program called MSC Voyagers Club that will not only reward repeat cruisers, but match or beat the your loyalty status from other cruise lines. The program officially […]

Cabins on New Cruise Ships Can Be Purchased as a 2nd Home

Crystal Cruises has released details of a major expansion that includes three new luxury polar ice-class cruise ships, a luxury yacht, river cruises, and their own 787 airplane.  The cruise ships will have 48 unique homes on the top deck that can be purchased and used as a 2nd home. The three cruise ships ordered to […]

Cruises to Cozumel, 5 Things To Do While In Port

Cozumel, Mexico is one of the most popular Caribbean cruise ports and there can be up to 6 cruise ships in port on any given day.  Virtually all cruises to the Western Caribbean stop in Cozumel and there are a variety of things to do while in port. If you are heading to Cozumel on […]