Photo: Carnival Cruise Passenger Climbs onto Lifeboat During Sea Day

What happens when there is a lifeboat blocking your view for pictures on your obstructed view balcony stateroom?  While most passengers would head up to the lido deck or down to the promenade, one passenger on a Carnival cruise ship decided to climb out onto a lifeboat.

Just a week after Cruise Fever published pictures of a reckless passenger sitting on his balcony railing of the Norwegian Getaway as the ship sailed away from port, Cruise Fever was sent a photo of another reckless passenger.

A Redditor was on the Panorama Deck of the Carnival Legend when he saw the female passenger climb over her balcony railing and onto a lifeboat for pictures while the ship was at sea.  The passenger walked around the top of the lifeboat while other passengers reported her to guests services.

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This picture is an example of why and how people fall overboard on cruise ships.  Although cruise industry critics like to blame the cruise lines, it is always caused by the actions of reckless passengers/crew members.

In early 2013, Carnival cruise passenger Sarah Alexandra Badley Kirby tried to sue the cruise line even though witnesses say she went jumped overboard.  Kirby says that she lost her balance and slipped off the ground and fell into the ocean.

She was rescued from the water 90 minutes later and suffered multiple broken bones from her fall.

It is reckless passengers like this on the Carnival Legend and the one on the Norwegian Getaway that give the cruise industry a bad rap. However, there isn’t much the cruise lines can do when passengers put themselves in harms way.

Cruise Fever would like to remind our readers that it is impossible to just “fall off” a cruise ship.  Overboards are always caused by reckless and/or drunken behavior, suicides, or murder.  The railings on the balconies of Carnival cruise ships are 45″ high (3 ft, 9 inches).  They are required by law to be at least 42″ high.


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  1. Charisse Scully says

    Put her off in the very next port. She falls overboard, she screws up everyone else’s cruise, not to mention she’ll probably want to sue the cruise line for unsafe conditions!

  2. chris says

    Fine them and put them off cruise ship at their cost and put on v a do not let sail list. Passengers like these ruin it for others by suing and causing prices to go up for passengers who deserve a great vacation without high cost.

    • Daniel says

      If they start to make one blacklist about those people who cannot come to the cruise ships then we don’t have cruise ship anymore :)))) When I worked in a cruise ship i could throw overboard every 3rd people from the ship 😀

  3. sherry says

    I just wonder what if anything was done to her?? she should have been put off immediately & black balled from all cruiselines

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