Photos: Reckless Cruise Passenger Sits on Balcony Railing During Sailaway

Cruise Fever has obtained photos of a reckless cruise passenger who was sitting on his balcony railing while his cruise ship, the Norwegian Getaway, was leaving port.

The pictures were sent to Cruise Fever by Bonnie Roache, a travel agent who was on the Carnival Breeze.  The Carnival Breeze was docked across the pier from the Getaway when she saw the passenger continue to sit on the balcony railing as the cruise ship left port.

Bonnie Roache gave the following statement:  “I’ve been involved in many opinionated discussions about how it is possible to fall off a cruise ship. Many feel it’s due to contributing factors of the ship itself. Is it really possible to just fall over the side in “normal” situations? Or are there contributing behaviors?  I was surprised that this was not reported even by the officers on our ship next to this one. Considering the possibility of a disastrous situation, I would think this would NEVER be allowed and this passenger would be fined. Am I being overly cautious or is this outrageous?”

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No Bonnie, you are not being overly cautious. It is foolish passengers like this that give the other 21 million people who take cruises each year a bad name.

There has been a fair amount of discussion in the past few years about passengers going overboard on cruise ships and who is responsible for these incidents.  Critics of the cruise industry often blame the cruise lines, even though you can’t just “fall off a cruise ship”.

How does a passenger go overboard on a cruise ship?  It always comes down to the following three things: suicides, murder, or reckless and drunken behavior account.

Cruise Fever has reached out to Norwegian Cruise Line and did not hear from the cruise line at the time of press.  We will update this page when we receive an official statement from Norwegian.



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  1. Jerry says

    I was on the Breeze and saw this guy. He was in no danger what-so-ever. There is a ledge just below his feet.

      • james says

        Are u guys kidding? He slips, falls, bounces off ledge, and falls on people….injuring himself and others. This guy is an idiot.

        • says

          Agreed James. He wouldn’t hit the ledge and stay, he’d bounce off of it and hit the ground or water below. He falls under the #CantFixStupid category.

      • Donald Schoengold says

        It would be better for the world if he fell off and killed himself hopefully before he had children. It would eliminate the stupid line in the gene pool and raise the overall IQ of the world. Darwin rules!!


  2. Bryan Martin says

    Some folks love playing with death.This guy is foolish.If I were in the balcony next to him, I would’ve tried to talk some sense into him and would’ve called the desk to report it . I’m surprised they guy in the next balcony just sat there and didn’t say anything.

  3. Pete says

    Really? Do you guys not see that he is sitting directly over a roof? If he fell he would drop about 2 feet, and land on the white roof…

    • Mike says

      Yes he is on deck 9 on the Breakaway, the waterfront is immediately below and covered by a roof that extends about 8 feet out from the balcony on deck 9. Still it is no excuse for being an idiot.

    • mike diaz says

      Still. He could break an ankle or his nose. In ANY case THAT’S NOT A SEAT! a seat is designed for sitting. THAT isn’t a seat! If this idiot falls-first thing he does is:SUE! It costs companies millions each year because of fools like this who behave irresponsibly and then sue when things don’t go their way. People are too dumb to suffer the consequences of their own actions and judging from his behavior, I’d safely guess that he’s one of them.

  4. Bob Nelson says

    As a retired police Sergeant, I can tell you the people in the surrounding cabins just don’t want to get involved. Also they put the railing on the balcony for a reason. None of which is intended, to do what this guy is doing, who is either:drunk or a idiot. As a Diamond+ member of RCI, I have been on many cruises, and as a ten year Navy veteran, this man’s actions are prohibited, and needs to be addressed.

    • james says

      Uhh….what does your navy experience have to do with this? Makes no sense. Way to brag – pulling that military card. Too funny

      • siera says

        Jerk. Proud of our military. His Navy experience gave him common sense on a ship – something that the idiot in the photo doesn’t have.

  5. Todd says

    There is no roof to fall onto this is just plain stupid and he put the rest of passanger sat risk if he falls off cause now they have to attempt to save him and recover him. Just plain STUPID

  6. Rebecca says

    It is not that big of a ledge that he would be falling on too. If he actually fell off the railing I am sure his balance wouldn’t be great enough to stand on a one foot ledge. Even if he was fine… Why did he really need to do this, it is going to make other passengers think this is okay and then someone will eventually fall off the railing.

  7. Soluble Fish says

    If you look at the full size image you can clearly see that in addition to the little ledge everyone is talking about, there is a white roof or awning (for the floor below) in front of him that extends about 8 or 10 feet out. That is probably why he felt perfectly safe. However, the rails are there for a reason, added into the design by architects who build ships… Plus, even though that 8 foot wide roof may look safe, it may be built of a material to conserve weight, since it is not INTENDED to be used for supporting humans. A roof is a cover, not a walkway! So, my opinion? They guy most likely was perfectly safe and felt like it, BUT, he was crossing into a place that is neither intended nor completely safe for humans to be. They should have kicked his ass off the ship for that.

    • Jerry says

      That ledge/roof was at least 1/8 inch steel. No it was not put there to walk on. Odds are it was put there for a couple purposes; 1: provide shade to the walkway below. 2: stop anyone from falling/jumping over board. It has to be strong enough to resist very strong storms, it is more than strong enough to support a man. This ledge is not a few inches wide, it is at least 5ft wide; look close.

      I was on the Carnival Breeze, sitting on the lido eating a a Guy’s Burger with my wife when we saw this dude, at first we thought he was crazy then I saw the ledge right below him. He was probably in his mid forties, a teenager came out onto the balcony a couple of times too. This guy sat on the railing for a short time, went back into his cabin then came back out and hopped up on the railing again. He was in no danger, unless he hoped off the balcony and walked over to the edge of the roof another 5ft in front of him. Stop over reacting. No he should not have sat on the balcony railing, it was not meant for that.

  8. Lee says

    Not sure why this is even being debated. Clearly this idiot’s actions are against the rules, regardless of how far he could have fallen. For those of you defending his actions, remember this guy (and other people like him) the next time you get on a cruise ship and have your fun diminished by even more seemingly ridiculous safety rules. If your kids got hurt trying to copy this idiot, the first thing you’d do is try to sue the cruise line. This guy obviously doesn’t get out much and doesn’t know how to act. I agree – he should have been kicked off the ship and fined!

  9. says

    I agree with Lee. It doesn’t matter one iota that there’s a substantial ledge “protecting” him (and any others who think this is a “fun” thing to do) from falling. Had he gotten hurt, I can see the social media and media headlines now blaming the cruise line/ship for his injuries he (could have) sustained. And this ill-behaved cruiser (or his family) would have sued (oh yes he/they would have! $$$$ talks!) and most likely would have received a substantial settlement / award for his idiocy. These lawsuits have a direct affect on your future cruise rates which will continue to increase because of the stunts people like him do.

    Had YOU been a passenger on the Getaway, and this guy fell & been seriously injured or died, your ship would NOT be on it’s way to its next port of call. Instead the ship would return to the pier (or nearest port if at sea) while medical attention would be administered (providing he didn’t die) not to mention all the ship security & police investigations that must be thoroughly conducted (photographs, video, and mountains of paperwork) before the ship is released to go on its way.

    Now your cruise (and everyone else on the ship for that matter) that you’ve planned, saved/spent your hard-earned money for, and took a week’s vacation from work, is basically ruined. THEN everyone will be demanding “what can you do for ME monetarily” from the cruise line (full or partial refund, future cruise credit, put them up in hotels, pay for meals & to fly everyone home, etc.).

    Point: This man could have caused a very expensive & unnecessary situation for the cruise line, as well as his inconsideration of other passengers’ vacations.

  10. Angy says

    An idiot is an idiot.
    Rules are made TO BE FOLLOWED, that’s why all kinds of laws do exist, and people with this reckless behavior shoul be fined with no excuses or banned from cruise ships. Only a stupid person would cross a door which is perfectly marked as CREW ONLY because that’s the only access to a lifeboat, and please, for those who have cruised before, do not act like you don’t see the writing asking you to NOT GO THERE. Ships are built to give us as much safety as possible, but when you decide to act stupid, just afford the consecuences… talking about the white roof is a silly excuse. Even if the ship was just setting sail there’s humidity everywhere, after falling he would have for sure ended up in the ocean, any thought at some point about the huge force of the propeller? What a nice way to die.

  11. Nora says

    This guy falls, hits his head and then sues the cruise line for not stopping him from sitting on the rung. Or, he does fall into the water and then the ship has to do a rescue which takes time, risks the lives of the rescuers and then the ship is late getting into port. He is not 10 – this is nothing but bragging that he does not have to follow the rules.

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